Adams Natural Peanut Butter (Facebook content)

“You’ve heard of energy bars? Well this is your energy jar.”

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    Adam's Natural Peanut Butter

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    After nearly a year on the peanut butter beat, I’ve spread it all: Jif®, Jif® Hazelnut Mocha Chocolate, and the natural peanut butters: Adams®, Laura Scudder’s® and Smucker’s® Natural. Adams is a beloved brand with roots in the Pacific Northwest. Possible created a social passport for the brand that embraced the natural outdoor lifestyle: hiking, kayaking, biking and generally getting off your tush in the Northwest. I’ve loved creating the voice and setting the tone for this brand. And good work works: the natural peanut butters have shown the greatest growth in social engagement out of all the brands we do at Possible.

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