B&B Welding

Sample copy from website:

“The latest weapon in the B&B Welding arsenal, the Peddinghaus FPB 1800 punches, burns, and slices. It turns slabs of steel plate into Swiss cheese.”

“Tracy Harpster was 19 years old when his wife took out an ad in the paper that read: “Young man, married with two kids, needs work.”

“36 years ago, Sam Drumm showed up at B&B Welding without a clue how to weld. So they gave him a can of spray paint. And he’s been hard at work ever since.”

“Wayne Brooks spent ten years banging dents out at a local truck body shop. And for just about that long, Dennis McCartney had been razzing him about coming to work at a real job. “When you get tired of that tin-knocking work,” Dennis would joke, “Come see us.”

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    B&B Welding

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    Dennis McCartney is salt of the earth. His metal fabrication shop can outwork, outthink and think outside the box more than any other shop in Baltimore. Dennis asked me to profile his workers. It was an honor to interview such a hard-working cast of characters. But Dennis didn't stop there: I even wrote profiles of his CNC machinery. Because they are badass. And so is Dennis.

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