Robber: “Just answer me this: is the vehicle in any way conspicuous? There’s nothing funny about the way it looks that would make it stand out in, oh I don’t know, a bank parking lot?”

Haggler: “All right. All right. I didn’t think you’d bite the dough ball at the end of the line. . .”

Nikoli: “Kind of car is no interest to Nikoli. Is rule. Nikoli pays same for red car or new car or car with body odor. . .

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    Selling a car is a hassle. You deal with creepy people. You have to haggle. Goodwill of D.C. wanted to play up this inconvenience in order to boost car donations. The result: three great radio spots featuring creepy, haggling car sharks. These spots won big at the D.C. Addies.

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