Sage College of Albany

“You stand on the verge of making a dramatic change. A mind change. A career change. A life change. At Sage College, go from a graffiti artist to a graphic designer. Go from a whiz at Xbox to a technological whiz kid. Sage College is your chance to supersize your life. So grab it. Seize it. Believe it. At Sage, we’re in the transformation business. And you’re next.”

—viewbook intro

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    Sage College of Albany

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    My first higher ed campaign, Sage College, happened on the fly. Robert Rytter needed me in Albany by noon the next day. I put the pedal to the metal north to Albany. Sage wanted a hip, urban, gritty tone to the writing. I think the designer, Helen Armstrong, and I hit this one out of the park. Known as the “forks” campaign, the viewbook became iconic. And admissions to Sage jumped 15% following our campaign.

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