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From Orrville to Your-Ville…”

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    Smuckers (Jams, Jellies & Preserves)

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    “Smuckers owns everything,” I tell my friends. Quietly, brand by brand, they have accumulated your breakfast: Folgers Coffee (and Dunkin’ Donuts too), Hungry Jack Pancakes, Pilsbury (including the Dough Boy), Jif, Eagle Brand, R.W. Knudsen juices, Uncrustables, Martha White, Santa Cruz Organics, Laura Scudder’s adn Adam’s Peanut Butters, Crisco, Knot’s Berry Farms and on and on. Each brand has a social media presence. Working at Possible, I wrote the Folgers, Smuckers, Hungry Jack, Natural Peanut Butters, Jif, Eagle Brand Facebook and Twitter posts. It was a hoot. Each brand has its own social passport, its own voice, and its own personality. Possible loaded me up with the Smuckers brands because I could move easily from brand to brand. It’s all about writing to an audience. And I do that very well.

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