Sunny’s Outdoor Store

“It’s bone-numbing cold. And you’re working outside. Either you wrap your body in that pink fiberglass insulation. Or slide it into a Dickies insulated coverall. These rugged duds keep your vital organs toasty. And there’s even enough pockets to store your beef jerky stash.”

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    Sunny's Outdoor Store

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    Never has a writer more looked forward to work. Sunny's, a struggling Mid-Atlantic retailer, hired my agency only after an intense pitch which included me sleeping in a tent outside their corporate headquarters. After we landed the account, I went to town. Every product in their circular landed on my desk. I played with it, figured out a story angle, and wrote mini-product stories. I'll never forget one day walking into the store and a manager handed me the circular saying, "Read this, it's so clever. It's like something out of the New Yorker."

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